General Terms

To place an order or to talk about your requirements, please contact us.


Delivery & Installation

Delivery prices depend on location. Please contact us for up to date delivery costs. Standard installation is on natural surfaces (soil or grass). Installation on other surfaces is subject to increased price. Contact us for advice and an estimate of installation prices.


Requirements For Surfaces

Where there is a height of 600mm or more on hard surfaces, safer surfaces are required. There are many different options for safer surfaces, please contact us for advice. Well maintained top soil or turf can be used as a surface for installations of up to 1.2m in height.


Area Requirements

Little Village Group installations conform to legislation BS EN 1176. We recommend that a minimum unused area of 1.8 m surround the product.



Timber has a 15 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation 100mm above ground level.  Bolts and fixings have a 10 year guarantee against structural failure. Ropes and nets have a 3 year guarantee against structural failure.

All Little Village Group products comply with BS EN 71, BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177 regulations.


After Sales Service

Little Village Group offers yearly maintenance checks. We also keep a supply of spares and offer on site maintenance, inspection and servicing of all equipment. Please contact us for more information


Materials & Coatings

All wood used is smooth to reduce the risk of splinters. Nails, screws and fastenings are not accessible and screw heads do not have sharp burrs. Windows are fitted with acrylic panels. Coatings comply with BS 5665 Part 3.



We recommend that all equipment is inspected on a regular basis. This can be carried out internally. How often will depend on the level of useage. We recommend that a detailed check is carried out on all equipment yearly.


Specification of Materials

We only use timber from sustainable sources with at least 70% sourced from forests independently certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


Installation & Site Work

We offer a one year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship (not including mis-use or soil erosion).

We reserve the right to change the specification, design, and cost of our products without notice.